Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy  

The most effective equine rehabilitation system ever devised! The future of equine therapy is here today!

Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy has mapped literally thousands of normal, specific, sound vibration spectrums found throughout the horse. When an animal is diagnosed with an ailment, the Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy units are set to that specific condition and the affected area on the animal is bombarded with normal audible sound vibrations. Studies have shown that through this treatment, most common equine injuries are healed in a fraction of the normal time. In some cases, recovery was only achieved through this treatment as a last resort.

Announcing the AMI™1000 Equine Bioresonance Therapy™

Portable and easy to use, achieve quick success with conditions such as:

  • OCD Lesions
  • Fractures
  • Tendons
  • Tumors
  • Bucked Shins

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