Equine Therapy Products

To order a AMI™1000 Equine Bioresonance Therapy please contact Cymatherapy International.

The next evolution of the Cyma1000, the AMI™1000, is the preferred sound therapy by veterinarians. This product performs like the Cyma1000 with added upgrades.

    New features include:
  • 1. Ability to create a full protocol and continue application without stopping and entering each code
  • 2. Create and store your favorite protocols
  • 3. New applicator with patented ‘gel’ technology for best conductivity
  • 4. Lightweight (just 5 lbs.) and very portable!

  • Equine Manuals

    Cymatherapy now offers the answers to your most common equine problems in our Cymatherapy Equine Bioresonance: Equine Applications Manual. The protocol used in our published and very successful equine studies are in this manual! The step-by-step instructions and fully illustrated point-by-point images will make your next equine application a symphonic cellular success.

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    For the advanced practitioner and equine professional, Cymatherapy also offers an advanced manual. Cymatherapy Bioresonance: Advanced Equine Applications addresses some of the advanced equine conditions with step-by-step instructions and fully illustrated point-by-point images.

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    This product is manufactured in a FDA registered facility. Known as an acoustic massager, it is registered with the FDA as a Class I device. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The manufacturer makes no claims to the effectiveness of this product. It is simply an acoustic massager emitting relaxing tones. If you are currently undergoing medical treatment, it is advised you consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before the use of this relaxation massager.

For Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy questions and training information, please contact us here.