"I had a filly that was diagnosed with a fractured hip. The vets said that it would be over a year before she was able to move well again and that she probably would never run.

"We started using the Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy treatment on her and within 7 days she was walking. In 35 days she was training, and in 3 months she won her first race!

"It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced in the horse business. No one shuld be without one of these units!"

~ William J. Miller, Houston, TX

"My grand prix jumper 'TC' tore his lower suspensory in his left front leg. The vet told me he would never jump again and probably would not even be fit for hacking. The recommendation was that he be put down.

"As a last resort I tried Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy. It was amazing! In 60 days I was able to ride him. Now I'm looking forward to showing him this spring."

~ Barbra Mcalpine, Covington Equestrian Center, Covington, LA

"I have two QH race fillies. Both of them developed severe bucked shins. No matter what I tried, I could not get the condition to improve. It seemed as though my year would be a loss.

"Then someone suggested Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy to me. I tried it and was so surprised when after just 5 days of treatment, both fiilies were sound. One of them won her first start 3 weeks later."

 ~ Trainer Sister Johnson, Vinton, LA

"Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy made the difference in my 6 year old thoroughbred race horse's career. I bought 'Steal It' for $500 to save him from being put down. The vet told me he would probably never be any good as a race horse due to his chronic low suspensory problems and his arthritic, dry-jointed hocks.

"He had only won 1 out of 17 starts and got beat 34 lengths the last time he had run. We treated all his problems with Cyma Equine Bioresonance Therapy. He won his first start for us by 6 lengths! He has won 8 out of 10 to date and is still running!"

 ~ Kristi Jenks, Folsom, LA

"I have a 2 year old quarter horse colt. The vet told me he would have to be laid up for at least 6 months after we discovered a vertical fracture in his right front cannon bone.

"I was devastated. This meant he would miss his very important two year old race meet. We went ahead and used the Cyma Equine Bioresonance treatment. After X-rays 45 days later, it showed the bone healed, leaving no fracture lines."

~ John Fulmer, Trainer, Houston, TX

"I train up to 40 thoroughbreds for flat racing and steeplechase. Cyma Equine Boiresonance Therapy is an instrument we use daily to help our horses recover faster from everything a normal athlete experiences.

"Bucked shins, strained tendons, muscle pulls all the things that can set a horse back and keep them off the track. I've been very happy with the results I get using this instrument. I couldn't imagine doing without it!"

~ Joe Crowley, Camden, SC